The Empire begins at home: Institutional child abuse and you

The Empire begins at home: Institutional child abuse and you. Political movements are useless, nothing will ever change on this planet until these conditions are met! Sick people will produce a sick society no matter their ideology, and there is no one to blame for the abuse you subject your own child to. As you read this list you will probably see many things that were done to you, let’s be silent no longer.

1. Do not subject your children to physical, sexual or verbal abuse. Well, yeah. It seems simple, but the grim truth is that these patterns, even once clearly identified and admitted, are still almost impossible to break. Abuse victims become abusers themselves or seek one to fill the parental role, bringing an abuser into the home. Victims should either not have children or completely dedicate their lives to raising a first generation, making them fully aware of their own abuse and its symptoms.

2. Do not allow your child to ritually mutilated. Circumcision is a sick practice that scars an infant for life, mentally, physically and sexually abusing and traumatizing them in a ritual designed to enforce total control of the individual by the state. Children immediately learn that their parents cannot be trusted and will gladly hand them over to the authorities for mutilation when prompted, and then insidiously tell them it was for their benefit, preparing them for a life of cognitive dissonance in the face of lies and betrayal. It makes them more violence-prone in later life, and subliminally reinforces the fact that their bodies are property of a priesthood who claim to mutilate infant penises as a gift to the sky god.

3. Do not expose your children to environmental pollution. According to UNICEF, one in six people on this planet are breathing air that is six times dirtier than deemed safe, at levels which are proven to cause birth defects, brain damage, etc. Simply breathing is the equivalent of smoking 1,000 cigarettes a year in Warsaw and 2,500 in Krakow, environmental experts say. Above all you must provide clean air and water for your children.

4. Do not feed your children garbage. Learn the difference before you have children.

5. Do not lie to your children. There is a mental illness in this society and it is the belief that we are entitled to safe, happy lives as cogs in the machine when we participate in its atrocities and lies with feigned ignorance or matter-of-fact acceptance, and force our children to do the same. Do not state as fact things which cannot be proven. Do not subject your children to stupidity brainwashing because you turned out OK. Leaving your children with public school, media, and religion to be stupefied and mind controlled is both abuse and neglect.

6. Do not allow your child in the presence of a psychiatrist. Do not drug your child for emotional problems caused by your abusive/neglectful parenting. Do not be conned by doctors, there is zero proof for a “chemical imbalance” other than those caused by their drugs. They were found liable in court for the lie, but it is a lie easily sold to guilty parents in denial.

7. Do not understate the threat. Sexual abuse is rampant in our society, particularly towards females. Teach your children to be extremely aware of their surroundings and be aware of the fact that abusers often seek positions of “trusted authority figure.” The laws, the courts, and the police will not protect your child, they let abusers off easy when they do catch them. When they are old enough explain that there are entire industries, many or most of them legal and reputable, dedicated to stealing their money, health, sanity and life.

8. Do not let your children use the internet until they are old enough and you have taught them to use it safely.

9. Do not subject your children to mainstream media.
As the mainstream culture becomes increasingly corporatized and brazenly poisonous, dehumanizing, hyperviolent and hypersexual, we have to build/acknowledge our own cultures and the independent-minded artists who have blazed a trail.

10. Do not participate in the abuse of children by supporting war, pollution and economic imperialism. Do not teach your children to become consumer mercenaries rather than instilling a real sense of purpose, imagination, and self-reliance.

11. Do not participate in the abuse of children by accepting institutions that have been proven full of child abusers. Do not accept known child abusers as your artists, celebrities, and leaders.

12. Do not participate in the abuse of children by allowing them to be abused in silence.

– Tox Simian 02/04/17 Thanks for reading. Native American 7th Generation Principle explains that each act of abuse carries over seven generations, but without owning the abuse, there cannot even be a first generation.